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Administration Department - Trash Collection Schedule & FAQs


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I am a new resident and would like to receive trash service.
The City of Cypress has an exclusive franchise agreement with the Consolidated Disposal which provides residential and commercial service to the City of Cypress. To activate trash service, or report any problem with your service, please contact Consolidated Disposal Customer Service at (800) 299-4898.

How do I obtain an extra trash can for home?
Residents desiring another regular trash can must go to City Hall and pay $30.00 along with a $10.00 drop off fee. After receipt of payment, arrangements will be made to have your trash can delivered to your home. The trash can will be delivered on your regularly scheduled trash pick up day.

How do I obtain an extra recycling trash can?
Residents desiring another recycling can should contact Briggeman Disposal directly at (800) 299-4898. There is no fee for an additional recycling can. Your recycling can will be delivered to you on your regularly scheduled trash pick up day.

Where do I place my trash cans on non-trash pick up days?
The City of Cypress Municipal Code specifies that all trash containers be placed behind a screened area and not be viewed from the public right-of-way.

Which items are recyclable and non-recyclable?
Residents may obtain a listing of recyclable and non-recyclables by calling the City of Cypress Recycling Coordinator at (714) 229-6680 or by visiting the recycling information page.

When is my trash collection day? What about trash pick up after holidays?
To determine your trash collection day, check the City’s Trash Collection Schedule. There is no trash pick up on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that one of these holidays falls on your regularly scheduled trash collection day, trash pick up will be delayed one day. For more information regarding trash pick after holidays, please call Consolidated Disposal at (800) 299-4898. For more information on trash collection, or on the citywide recycling program, call the Administration Department at (714) 229-6680.

When should I put my recycling can out for pick up and do you have a Recycling Calendar?
Details on the proper placement of trash containers.  To determine your recycling pick up day, check the City’s Recycling Calendar.

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