City of Cypress

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Cypress Recycling Program
Recycle Your Used Batteries - Cypress Residents Only

Recycle used batteries at Cypress City HallThe City of Cypress is pleased to participating in a curbside battery recycling program. This program is designed so batteries that would otherwise be disposed of into the trash are collected for recycling. In fact, all of the battery types listed below are recycled into new materials.

Residents can dispose of the following batteries:
- NiCad - rechargeable
- Alkaline/Zinc/Carbon - one time use
- Nickel Zinc - one time use
- Silver Oxide - one time use (hearing aid, etc.)
- Nickel Metal Hydride - rechargeable (used in cell phones)
- Lithium Ion - rechargeable (used in computers, cell phones)
- Mercury batteries
- one time use (hearing aid, watches)

Please note, place batteries in a bag and place it on top of your recycling cart on trash day for pick

For more information, please contact the Recycling Coordinator at (714)229-6680.