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Orange County! Check out these events going on near you. Learn how you can save water and prevent runoff. There will be representatives at these events to answer any questions you may have about your garden:

Orange County Garden Friendly Events
H2OC.orgOrange County! Did you hear that overwatering is out?

Have you walked through your lawn and noticed that your shoes made a footprint on the sidewalk or drive way? If so, that means your grass has received too much water. If you see less footprint, then that means your grass has received just enough water. We understand why you want your lawn to be green and beautiful, but here are some helpful tips on what you can do to save money, water, and time.

“I like my lawn and garden to be green all year round.” If that’s so, there are a few recommendations:

1. You’ve mentioned you like to see green in your yard all year round. Have you thought about removing your turf and replacing it with eco-grass, synthetic grass, and/or California native plants? Sounds like a crazy idea and you probably never thought of even considering it. However, there are benefits:

a. You save money – who doesn’t like saving money? You can finally spend that extra money on other things you’ve been wanting to purchase for so long. Also, did you know there is a rebate for removing your turf? $1.00 (or more) rebate per sq. foot of turf removed.

b. You save time – enjoy your weekends off by not mowing the lawn and relax

2. If you think removing your turf is out of the question at this time, consider taking control of your sprinkler system with a weather-based irrigation controller, replacing your sprinklers with rotating sprinkler nozzles, or using a soil moisture sensor control. Once again, there are rebates for all of these!

Click HERE to download the flyer for more information regarding the rebates.
For other rebates such as high efficiency clothes washers and toilets, please visit www.mwdoc.com/services/rebates or call (888) 376-3314.

To find out more information on how you can save money, time, water, and the environment, visit www.H2OC.org. Also, click on the box below. Our friendly gnome will give you tips and tricks on what you can do to help even more!

Overwatering Is Out!

Tips for Home Gardening and Landscaping for the Spring Season

Attention gardeners and landscapers! Spring is officially here, and that means it is time for some home gardening and landscaping tips that you can practice (especially during this severe drought). The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecyle) suggests “that with just a bit of effort, anyone can increase the water-holding capacity of soil, reduce erosion, and conserve water with proven solutions such as mulching, composting, grasscycling and xeriscaping.” Save water, time, money and reduce labor this Spring!


Tired of those weeds coming back frequently? Mulch will help prevent weeds from taking over your garden. Spend less time pulling weeds and enjoy your garden! Mulch helps retain moisture in soil and insolate soil from cold weather. If it is a cool and cloudy spring this year, use black plastic or landscape fabric to help speed up warming.

Drought resistant garden in bloom Grasscycle

Save time, money and energy by leaving your grass clippings on the lawn after you are done mowing. Grass clippings decompose quickly, returning valuable nutrients back to the soil.


This spring, you are probably thinking of redoing your lawn or garden. Or perhaps, you are new to this and starting from scratch! If so, try xeriscaping. This means landscaping with drought tolerant plants which do not require much water.


On average, composting can reduce a household’s waste by 25%! Composting is nature’s own way of recycling that includes organic materials such as leaves, twigs, grass clippings and food scraps. By clicking on the site below, it will give you more information on what to do to get started on your compost pile.

If you have questions on how you can help save water and protect our environment, please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 229-6741. Also, visit www.calrecycle.ca.gov/NewsRoom/2014/03Mar/08.htm to get more information on each of these practices.

Don’t Clog Your Drains

Is your toilet your trash can? People have the tendency to dump whatever they can in their own toilet and have no idea that it can have a huge impact on our sewers and oceans. Are you not sure what you can flush? Just remember the three P’s that can go down the toilet: pee, poop, and paper. Also, this list of items that should not go down the toilet:

  • Sanitary products, paper towels, diapers, baby wipes and facial tissues
  • Medications
  • Kitty litter
  • Condoms and dental floss

Please properly dispose the above items in your trash. Medications should be taken to one of the County of Orange Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers. For the nearest location visit oclandfills.com/hazardous/locations. To read more information on how these items can harm our drains and what to put in your garbage container as well, please visit: www.what2flush.com.

Useful Information and Links

To learn more about water conservation, please visit:

For more information about rebates on products for indoor and outdoor water use efficiency for residential and commercial properties, visit:

City of Cypress Department of Public Works ~ 5275 Orange Avenue ~ Cypress, CA 90630 ~ 714-229-6740