The following are outside links to related sites, where you can find additional information on stormwater pollution prevention and water quality.


24-hour non-emergency Water Pollution Hotline (recording)
(714) 955-0674, or fill out this site's online water pollution reporting form. For chemical and hazardous materials spill emergencies, call 911

O.C. Household Hazardous Waste Information, or (714) 834-6752

For locations that accept used motor oil:
California Integrated Waste Management Board,

For agriculture chemicals, pesticides and possible alternatives: O.C. Agriculture Commissioner, (714) 447-7100.

Municipal Water District of Orange County
Orange County Sanitation District
Orange County Marine Institute
OC Watersheds Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) & Drainage Area Management Plan (DAMP)

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Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board
Stormwater Manager's Resource Center
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Southern California Water Committee
California Coastal Commission

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Surfrider Foundation
Coast Keepers

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