The following stormwater pollution prevention brochures and posters are available to view and download. For residents, they offer easy and effective prevention tips related to lawn and garden care, car washing, home improvement and other everyday activities where small steps can make a big difference. For businesses, they provide practical pollution prevention guidelines for maintenance and cleaning activities, waste management and proper storage or disposal of waste to ensure proper handling.


Slow the Flow
Keeping California Water Clean


Tips for the Automotive Industry
The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door
Do You Know Where Runoff Goes in Orange County?
Responsible Pest Control
Compliance Best Management Practices for Mobile Businesses
Tips for Pool Maintenance
Tips for Residential Pool, Landscape, and Hardscape Drains
Tips for the Automotive Industry
Tips for Horse Care
Tips for Pet Care
Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Carpet Cleaning
Waste Oil Collection Center, North Orange County
Waste Oil Collection Center, Central Orange County
Waste Oil Collection Center, South Orange County


Good Operating Practices, Auto Repair Industry