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Construction Runoff Guidance Mannual

The Construction Runoff Guidance Manual is intended to enable applicants for building or grading permits to understand and comply with the regulatory requirements for creek, river, stream and coastal water protection during the construction phase of new development and significant redevelopment projects. Project owners and developers should be able to use this Manual as a guide to understand which permits and ordinances apply to their construction project. Contractors should be able to use this Manual as a guide to the Best Management Practices (BMPs) typically needed to be implemented at a construction site to ensure compliance with the Construction General Permit (CGP) and local ordinances.

The goal of the Construction Runoff Guidance Manual is to provide useful, succinct information to enable contractors to control pollutant discharges from construction sites. Activities and materials used on a construction site may be a source of pollutants, including but not limited to sediment, concrete and grout; paints, lacquers, and primers; herbicides and pesticides; soaps and detergents; wood preservatives; equipment fuels, lubricants, coolants, and hydraulic fluids; and cleaning solvents. Water from construction sites can be a major transporter of these pollutants, which can leak from heavy equipment, be spilled, or can be eroded by rain from exposed soil or stockpiles. Once released, they can be transported into the receiving waters of the County of Orange (Orange County or “the County”), where they may enter aquatic food chains and cause fish toxicity problems, contribute to algal blooms, impair recreational uses, and degrade drinking water sources.