Cypress Police Department Property Release Appointment

Please carefully read the information on the preceding page regarding the types of property being maintained by the Cypress Police Department. In some cases, a court order may be necessary to obtain. In other cases, proof of ownership may be required. A valid government, state, DMV issued picture ID will be required on every property release.

Once you have completed this form and it has been emailed, our property unit personnel will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment for a property release.

First Name:
Last Name:
Case Number:
Date of arrest or incident:
Home Phone Number: ( )
Work Phone Number: ( )
Cell Phone Number: ( )
E-mail Address:
If known, please answer:
Do you have proof of ownership (receipts, certificates, licenses, other leagal documentation)? Yes No
If arrested, when was the date of your last court appearance?
If you are picking up property for another person (owner), do you have a notarized letter or signed waiver from the agency/jail/person when the person is being retained? Yes No