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The Special Enforcement Unit is the Police Department's newest specialized unit. Each member of the Special Enforcement Unit has a primary responsibility to his or her specific assignment. The team is comprised of 6 sworn personnel: 2 to handle gang related investigations, 2 assigned to narcotic enforcement, 1 for vice and intelligence issues, plus one sergeant.

The team remains flexible, however, and officers often assist one another in cases requiring certain expertise or additional manpower. The Special Enforcement Unit handles a variety of operations. They are the department's plain clothes officers who conduct covert surveillances and undercover work. These operations include narcotics purchases and prostitution stings.

Narcotics Enforcement

The narcotics unit is responsible for proactive drug enforcement. These are the department';s primary undercover officers. They provide active enforcement towards street level users and dealers affecting our community, by obtaining and serving search warrants and arrest warrants. Their job includes finding and arresting those individuals responsible for supplying the drugs that end up on our streets. The narcotics unit works closely with the probation and parole departments, along with other narcotics units from police departments surrounding Cypress. They monitor known narcotic traffic areas and target activity within our neighborhoods and business areas. They provide drug enforcement training to patrol officers about new trends and issues regarding drug use and sales. These officers also teach drug classes to students in local schools and citizens of the community through the Cypress Police Department's Junior Academy and the Cypress Police Department's Citizen's Academy.

Vice and Intelligence

The Vice and Intelligence Unit is tasked with four primary duties:

The unit has one full-time investigator assigned and routinely relies on the community for assistance in identifying suspicious activities for further investigation. Anyone who observes suspicious activity relating to possible terrorism or vice-related crimes is welcome to call and speak with an investigator. The Vice and Intelligence Unit can be reached at (714) 229-6659.