Crime Statistics

Each month, the Records Bureau provides a detailed report of the total serious crimes which occur in the city. These reports are administered by the State of California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to monitor crime trends in California and in America. Developed in 1920, the reporting processes evolved to be called the Uniform Crime Reporting and the Monthly Arrest and Citation Register standards. Links to detailed charts of the crime statistics for the City of Cypress are listed below.

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) is a city, county and state law enforcement program. This program provides a nationwide view of crime based on the submission of statistics by law enforcement agencies throughout the country.  Since the incorporation of the City of Cypress, the Cypress Police Department has participated in this program and provided yearly statistics in compliance with the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigations standards. Every case report is evaluated under the UCR requirements classifying by seriousness and frequency, also called Part 1 and 2 crimes, and scored based on the hierarchy of the primary offense.

The City of Cypress Police Department has maintained and published crime statistics with the expectation of providing accurate compilations to aide in community-oriented policing facets and overall community awareness.

Crime Trends - Overview (2001-2013)
Part 1 & 2 Crimes Overview
Part 1 Crimes 2012
Part 2 Crimes 2012
Aggravated Assault & Other Domestic Violence
Auto Theft
Forgery & Counterfeiting
Fraud & Identity Theft
Sex Crimes
Weapons (including illegal possessions)

Arrests (2013)
Arrests Year to Year Comparison
Arrests Adults & Juveniles
Arrests Adults, Juveniles Combined
Arrests by Gender
Arrests Jail Overview
Arrests by Month
Arrests Parts 1 & 2
Arrests Part 1 & 2 Crimes Classifications
Arrests Prisoners Booked
Felony & Misdemeanor Arrests by Month
Felony & Misdemeanor Arrests Total

Calls for Service (2013)
Calls for Service
Calls for Service by Month
Calls for Service 2012-2013 Comparson
Calls for Service 5 Year Comparison
Calls for Service Total
Calls for Service Officer Initiated
Calls for Service Officer and Westcomm Initiated

Collisions (2013)
Collisions 5 Year Trend
Collisions by Month
Total Collisions

Property/Evidence (2013)
Total Property/Evidence
Property/Evidence by Month
Property/Evidence 5 Year Trend

Hate Crimes (2013)
Total Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes Trend

Historical Trends 1980-2013
Historical Breakdown of Part 1 Crimes by Year
Total Part 1 Crimes - Historical Trend
Assaults - Historical Trend
Auto Theft - Historical Trend
Burglary - Historical Trend
Larceny - Historical Trend
Rape - Historical Trend
Robbery - Historical Trend

Crimes by District

District Maps