Crime Prevention

“If You See Something, Say Something™"

is a nationwide public awareness campaign to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper local law enforcement authorities. If you notice suspicious activity, please contact the Cypress Police Department at 714/229-6600.
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With law enforcement's ongoing partnership with the National Crime Prevention Campaign, the City of Cypress Police Department provides educational fliers to our citizens. These publications are available in our police department and downloadable for your convenience:

Check, Credit Card and Refund Fraud
Explorer Program Interest Card
Helmet Laws
Identity Theft
Making Robbery Risky
Megan's Law Information
Preventing Arson and Vandalism
Shoplifting and Internal Theft
Street Sense: It's Common Sense
Telemarketing Fraud
Volunteers in Policing

For further information about any of these topics or if you are looking for more topics and free publications, please visit the National Citizen's Crime Prevention Campaign's

Some of the titles of National Crime Prevention Campaign publications:
Respecting Diversity
Keeping Baby Sitting Safe
Working together to create safer schools
Bullies: A Serious Problem for Kids
Teen Dating Violence
Don’t Lose a Friend to Drugs
At Home Alone
It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Kid
Talking with Your Kids
Kids and Weapons
Use Common Sense to Spot a Con
The Dangers of Drinking
Preventing Hate Crime
Tips on Managing Conflict
Crime Prevention for People with Disabilities
Marijuana: Common dangers and Still Illegal
Take Crime Prevention to Work
Don’t Make It Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels
Safer Senors
Media Violence Invading Your Home?
Sexual Assault
On the Job Alcohol and Drug Abusers
What's a Parent to do About Gangs
Crime Prevention for People with Disabilities
Business Travel Safety Tips
Lock out Crime of your home
Road Rules
Graffiti: Often the First Sign of trouble
Date Rape
Inhalants: What Parents Should Know