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Holiday Decorations: Can I put an electrical cord across the sidewalk to light my tree during the holidays?

Yes but you must follow certain procedures.

The cord must be safely and appropriately secured to the sidewalk and tree. Nailing to trees is strictly prohibited. Use appropriate cable path tape or duct tape (minimum 4-inches wide) to secure the cord to the sidewalk. The cord with tape must not exceed ½ inch greater in height measured from the sidewalk to the top of the tape cord surface. Regularly inspect the tape to ensure that it is not coming loose.

You can also use a “drop over” cord cover box which will be placed on the sidewalk. These can be found at local electrical supply warehouses or on the internet. They are usually made of plastic and can be placed over the cord. You often see these at special events and concerts where cords need to be covered. All tree lights and extension cords shall be rated for outdoor use and properly secured to the tree so as not to pose a potential hazard to pedestrians and not violate the Fire Code.

Lights and cords may not be placed prior to Thanksgiving and must be removed prior to January 1st. The area must be restored to its original condition and any adhesive residue shall be scrubbed off. Any damage to the tree, sidewalk or parkway area, such as a broken limb, shall be reported to the Maintenance Division at (714) 229-6760.

If someone reports or Public Works notices that your lighting is a potential issue, Public Works will first contact you to rectify and/or remove and place on your property if they pose an imminent safety issue. For safety reasons, under no circumstances should traffic signs, boxes, etc… be decorated or obscured.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. By following the above procedures, enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.