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City of Cypress Community Development

Planning Division

Douglas Hawkins, AICP City Planner
Phone Number: (714) 229-6720
Planning Division Counter Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Fridays: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cypress Neighborhood

Code Enforcement
Cypress General Plan
Environmental Notices
General Plan EIR
Lot Line Adjustments
Measure D
Measure L

General Planning Information
Artificial Turf Application
Environmental Checklist
Flood Insurance Rate Map
Green Building Ideas
Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census
Planning Application Fee Schedule
Residential Green Building Suggestions
Requirements for Adding a Single-Story Room Addition or Patio Cover
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance & Guidelines
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Guidelines Update February 2015

Planning Forms and Fees
Community Development Forms & Applications
Planning Application Fee Schedule

Cypress Business Park

Specific Plans
For complete versions of the Specific Plans listed below, please contact the Cypress Planning Division at (714) 229-6720
PCM Planned Commercial/Light Industrial Zone
PC Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan
PC Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan - Land Use Map
PC-1 Lusk/Cypress Industrial Park Design Criteria
PC-2 Cypress Corporate Center Amended Specific Plan
PC-3 McDonnel Center Amended Specific Plan
PC-4 Warland/Cypress Business Center Specific Plan
PC-5 Cypress View Limited Specific Plan
Los Alamitos Race Track Specific Plan - Amended and Restated Cypress Business & Professional Center Specific Plan

Current Development Project Information

Plans for City Ventures Revised 52-Unit Condominium Project
Barton Place Staff Report
Traffic Study for City Ventures 66-Unit Condominium Project

Role of the Planning Division:

The role of this division is to implement the City Council's goals for the physical development of the community as stated in the Cypress General Plan and Cypress Zoning Ordinance. The division's objective is to provide a safe, attractive and business supportive community through the implementation of state and local requirements and the creation and maintenance of a balanced community that serves residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Code Enforcement Division

Khuong Truong, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone Number: (714) 229-6726

Part of the Planning Division function, the city’s code enforcement effort promotes and maintains standards to preserve the quality of life and public safety for all those who live, work and play in Cypress. Its purpose is to maintain, enhance, and improve the soundness of our neighborhoods and business centers through personalized contact, fair and cooperative application of regulations and the presentation of innovative solutions. This purpose is achieved through the cooperative efforts of property owners, business and members of the general public through their involvement, education and commitment to maintain and enhance their environment.

The Code Enforcement Division investigates complaints of property maintenance, inoperable vehicles, abandoned properties, overgrown landscaping, as well as other Zoning and Municipal Code violations. If a violation is noted, we work with the property owners and tenants to correct any violations and bring the property into compliance with City codes.

Code Enforcement Service Request

Current Environmental Notices for Development Projects in Cypress

Categorical Exemptions:

None at this time.

Negative Declarations:

None at this time.

Mitigated Negative Declarations:

Conditional Use Permit 3029, Cypress Village Shopping Center
Cypress Village Shopping Center, Initial Study/Environmental Checklist
Conditional Use Permit No. 2014-01, General Plan Amendment No. 2014-01, Zone Change No. 2014-01, and Tentative Tract Map No. 17745

Environmental Impact Reports:

Documents Related to the 33-acre Site Senior Housing/Retail Commercial Development:
Notice of Availability Draft Environmental Impact Report for Barton Place
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume I
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume II
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume III
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume IV
Draft Environmental Impact Report – Volume I
Draft Environmental Impact Report – Volume II (Technical Appendixes)
Draft Environmental Impact Report – Volume III (Barton Place)
Notice of Preparation for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
33-Acre Barton Place Initial Study/Environmental Checklist

Documents Related to the School District Reuse of Mackay School and District Office Properties Project:
Notice of Completion and Availability Draft Environmental Impact Report
Mackay Place Specific Plan Draft EIR
Draft EIR Appendices
Mackay Place Specific Plan Public Review Draft
Mackay Place Project Initial Study/Environmental Checklist
Mackay Place Project EIR Notice of Preparation

City of Cypress General Plan

1. Introduction to the General Plan
       Regional Location
      I-2 Local Vicinity
2. Land Use Element
      General Plan Land Use Map
      LU-1 Redevelopment Project Areas
      LU-2 Annexation Study Areas
      LU-3 Definition of Floor Area Ratio
3. Circulation Element
      CIR-1 Existing Arterial System
      CIR-2 Existing Daily Traffic Volumes (1999)
      CIR-3 Existing Bus Routes
      CIR-4 Existing Bikeways
      CIR-5 Existing Truck Routes and Rail Lines
      CIR-6 Standard Street Sections
      CIR-7 General Plan Arterial System
      CIR-8 Transportation Analysis Zones
      CIR-9 Future Daily Traffic Volumes (2020)
      CIR-10 Bike Path Plan
4. Conservation/Open Space/Recreation Element
      COSR-1 Existing Recreation Facilities
      COSR-2 Flood Control Facilities
5. Safety Element
      1 - Flood Zones
      2 - Dam Inundation Zones
      3 - Region Fault Lines
      4 - Seismic Hazard Map
      5 - Evacuation Map
      6 - Oil and Gas Pipelines
      7 - FAA 100:1 Notification Imaginary Surfaces
      8 - Joint Forces Training Center - Los Alamitos Airfield Impact Zones
      9 - Buidling Height Resitrictions
6. Noise Element
      N-1 Noise Sensitive Receptors
      N-2 Existing Noise Contours (1999)
      N-3 Buildout Noise Contours
7. Air Quality Element
8. Growth Managment Element
9. Housing Element
      HOU-1 Residential Sites Inventory
      Housing Element Technical Report
      Technical Report Section 1 & 2
      Technical Report Section 3 & 4
      Technical Report Appendices
10. Implementation
11. General Plan Amendments
      GPA 2002-02
      GPA 2005-01
      GPA 2005-02
      GPA 2006-01
      GPA 2009-01
      GPA 2011-01

General Plan Environmental Impact Report

1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. Project Description
4. Environmental Analysis:
Land Use
Population, Employment and Housing
Air Quality
Geologic and Seismic Hazards
Hydrology and Drainage
Parks and Recreation
Public Health and Safety
Cumulative Impacts
5. Alternatives to the Proposed Action
6. Growth-inducing Impacts of the Proposed Action
7. Effects Found not to be Significant
8. Significant Environmental Effects Which Cannot be Avoided if the Proposed Action is Implemented
9. Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes Which Would Occur if the Proposed Action is Implemented
10. References
11. Mitigation Monitoring Program
12. Comments and Responses

Lot Line Adjustments

A Lot Line Adjustment is a procedure which can be used, under certain specified circumstances, as a method for making minor revisions to property lines between two or more existing parcels. The Lot Line Adjustment is not a procedure for subdividing property and may not create more parcels than what originally existed.

Applications for Lot Line Adjustments can be obtained by visiting:
Lot Line Adjustment applications are submitted to the County of Orange Surveyor's Office for review and comment. Once the County Surveyor has reviewed the application, if it is technically correct, the County Surveyor will send a letter to the Director of Community Development and Director of Public Works requesting approval.

Once the letter is received by the Director, the document will be reviewed for final compliance with the City of Cypress Cypress Municipal Code. The municipal code delegates authority for approval of Lot Line Adjustments to the Director of Public Works and Director of Community Development. Once approved by the City there will be a ten day waiting period for any appeal pursuant to the municipal code. If no appeal is filed, the approved Lot Line Adjustment application will be sent to the County Surveyor's office for recordation.

When a Lot Line Adjustment is approved by the Directors, it will be posted for 10 days after approval on this page.

Lot Line Adjustment 2015-02